09 March 2022

IN RE | Russia v. Ukraine (RAW-WAR)

 (This post is semi-edited and on-going. Basically a rant.) 

War always affects the common people, the engine of society. Always the people that didn’t make the policies that created the conditions that lead to War. The Ukrainian-Russian War creates an abstract idea that all Ukrainians agreed to fight all Russians. Statements and Generals made decisions, and common citizens died. Soldiers following orders died. 

The entire War is horrific but the image of evacuating the children’s hospital was particularly haunting for me. I have the privilege of being on the other side of the world and viewing a screen. As haunting as the images are, I cannot begin to imagine the in person experience.


Clarification on the treatment of black and brown persons fleeing the war zone is needed immediately. Hopefully it is the case that the official policy of Ukraine and other humanitarian aids is that everyone is received equally. 

If all else fails… take Belarus or Moscow. Send “fleeing citizens” and raise hell. If you can’t beat them join ‘em.. Apparently the international community is only good for sending tissues rather than stopping anyone or anything… -_-.  


So we talk a good game, we talk a good game. If Ukraine is going it alone in terms of the actual fight, then what good are all these international bodies? Food, Trade, and disaster aid? With all the humanitarian organizations and individual negotiations between nations do we really need all these overpriced organizations for that? The UN and NATO look like mall security right now… barely. 

I understand the need for publicly known alliances and agreements (WWI), however there comes a point of being so tied up in the rules that an international bureaucratic mess has been created. 

Ukraine cannot fight tanks with humanitarian aid.


It’s a scheme… set up… to come to us with the BS. 

Why are gas at the pump so reactive to processes very far up in the production process? Why? A pin drops near the middle east and the next day gas is $100 per gallon. 

Supposedly we only get 1-10% petro-products/crude oil/etc from Russian imports, or Russian routed imports? Is this true? 

The federal government does not run our petroleum companies. These are private companies. Maybe Quasi-Public due to the heavy regulations. Are the regulations causing a hold up or price volatility? We don’t have any reserves? No government subsidies… They subsidize everything else. How are exports regulated? Do we still Net export more than we import? Sounds like increased supply … but no decrease in price.

I need FTC/DOJ competition investigations. (Probably too busy picking on private social media companies who started from the ground up and benefited from being uniquely situated in history… Read Mr. Facebook and Sherman on Amazon Kindle.)

RUSSIA… Step to the front.

This is wrong. Reprehensible. Unacceptable. This is not a good look.

That said, there is always a reason. It is very rare that a person, or entity, acts without a reason. In criminal court it's called a motive. The reason, the motive, may not justify the actions but there is still a reason. 

A reason is not an excuse. A reason is an explanation, not an excuse. The road to hell is paved with well intentions. Explanatory not exculpatory. 

There are many reasons to seek the reason for inexcusable actions. An explanation, a holistic unbiased straight from the horse's mouth explanation, may help lead to a sustainable resolution.  Since all these organizations and agreements cannot help fight, maybe knowing the reason could facilitate peace negotiations. Cohesive negotiations that take ALL perspectives into consideration. 

An explanation could lead to future prevention; learning from mistakes.

Russia was clearly well prepared. Conditions existed, explanatory not exculpatory, that made Russia take this route. And from the Russia perspective, they do not owe any explanation now. From the perspective of Russia, there have been explanations, the explanations went ignored, this is our solution. (Grown is the reason). Russia, like many other nations, has had no incentive to be transparent with explanations. Russia had to know that this would not have been positive, so there was a reason to put themselves in this negative position.

Russia, back to the front. The child who now knows the sound of war.. Russia you are the reason. 


All humans were created equal. But not all societies formed themselves the same. The Enlightenment thinkers that influenced many of the minds at the Philadelphia Convention may not have been the same influences during the births of other nations. Learning from forced colonialism and Imperialism from demolitioning existing cultures and stamping them with something not created from them. Domestically and internationally, we have to learn our perspective limitations and we have to learn to coexist with the politically different.

Generally there are some things most all people have collective unacceptance for… invasion of a sovereign nation… but different economic structures, cultures, types of democracy, types of government?  

POLAND… Y’all played yourselves.

Oh we have soviet era aircrafts for Ukraine, we neighbor Ukraine, but we’ll send it east to Germany for US custody and the US can take it to Ukraine.

A MF set up. I’m giving a side-eye. Poland just do humanitarian aid because this was not it.

If you are a coward just say that. If you want new weaponry just ask and get your coins together and say that.

Then have the nerve to give US soviet (probably lemons) stuff, that the US is supposed to give away, but Poland wants the US to give them new stuff in return. So the US ends up with? 

Is it legalized in Poland?



  • Is this about access to the black sea? And did Russia have any restricted access before? 

  • Is this about a non-allied (Russia’s non-ally) agreement pushing up on the Russian border? And what were Russia’s concerns about this? And were they valid?

  • Is this about Western ideas, and the spread of more democratic/capitalistic ideology? And why is this an issue?

  • How open are these international negotiations? Specifically, how transparent is the process before joining one of these international organizations? 

    • If the goal is transparency in international agreements, then intent to join an international agreement should be publicized also.